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Recreation complex "Edem" provides different types of rest and entertainment for everyone, including the billiard club. There can you feel the whole great atmosphere of this great game.

Russian billiards is an interesting intellectual game and a wonderful sport at the same time that develops in humans such important qualities of character, as the psychological stability, endurance, and ability to focus and control your emotions, patience.

Russian billiards is a great kind of the rest. Holding up cue, you immediately realize that the pool isn’t only rolling of balls, but also singularly beautiful, intelligent game that helps a person to reveal his features. Billiards is one of the toughest games.

There is no age barrier to play billiards. You can play at any age, achieving high results and taking part in tournaments and competitions both domestically and internationally.

Rental of billiard tables for one hour is 60 UAH; VIP room with fireplace is 250 UAH.