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Karaoke is the world-known kind of the relaxation with family, friends or colleagues, which created the Japanese. By the way, the Japanese people have the longest lifetime in the world.

Did you know that just 10 kilometers from the bustling Kiev there is a cozy place called "Edem", where you can check for free if you have a talent for singing?

Sing along with us ...

... In a professional manner

We use Evolution Pro, which provides a clear sound and good acoustics. Our music menu consists of more than 30 thousand songs, and we regularly add new, we ensure you will find a song to your taste.

... Tasty and comfortably

The atmosphere of a small, comfortably furnished room for 30 people, great food from our restaurant coupled with a drink from the bar will make your voice stronger and more confident. And you may there recognize that your talent goes to waste.

… the evening is not boring

If you decide to pursue entertainment, we will offer you to spend the rest of the evening in our sauna or to play billiards. And if you don’t want to go back to the bustling city, then excellent hotel rooms, individual houses and cottages will be at your disposal. We take care about a car, which remains at the free guarded parking lot.

Karaoke is fun and useful ...

… … for myself

Scientists have shown that singing reduces the risk of heart attacks and it is a good way to sustain life for the men on 7 and the women on 5 years. We offer you not only the opportunity to relax, but also take care about your health.

… for children

If you come to rest with the children, then you will have not only an opportunity to entertain your children, but also to work on their character. Using karaoke, children learn not to be afraid of self-expression and they become more confident.

… for colleagues

Singing brings people together and can lead to intimate conversation. So karaoke is a great way to raise corporate spirit and to strengthen relations in the team.

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